About us: Formerly: Lujan's Custom Carving
I worked for the old, Southwest Spiral Design for many years before I opened Lujan's Custom Carving in 2006. Having also worked at Southwest Spanish Craftsmen in Santa Fe,NM, I learned all about our cultural roots and architectural elements. I have designed and built many porches, pergolas, decks myself and can help design structurally sound porches made of  Douglas fir, with the help of your local architect and/or contractor.  You could design your own porch, pergola or gazebo.  I carve post/columns to keep the support needed for your project and can also recommend the over-sizes of material to support your beams. I Also make kits for: Arbors, Awnings, Porches, Pergolas, Ramadas and Gazebos. Please remember: your local building codes are your guide lines to your projects. Because this is a wood product: I am not responsible for the care and installation nor will I be responsible for any damages caused by these products. Also these wood products do twist and crack when drying being they are often milled and carved somewhat green. I do use the best local material I can find.  I'm editor and creator of this website and hope it is easy to navigate.  Categories : at top left of page. 
   Corbels page:  Pictures of corbels, sizes of them,and pricing. But can also cut just about any design I have seen, and can carve on them, many different elements; such as rosettes, sunburst, volutes, border lines, etc. Down on that page are samples: of texturing, adzing and carvings.   
   Columns page: Picture of post/columns, sizes of them and pricing:  Like Spiral post, Octagonal post, Territorial post, Quad square post, Vadito post, and my famous Hearts post; which can be modified for places that need railings and moldings.On the same page I have some samples and carved many newels to match said posts.  
   Elements page: Pictures and some applications with pricing: Items are awnings,mantels, bench boards, sign frames, bookends, shelf brackets, sunburst, and other carved beams and boards. 
   Tables page: Pictures of tables, TV stands, living room tables, end tables and stools. Also leave messages at bottom of this page to help you. Thanks
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